Black Division HOST: Jacksonville            C          Silver Division HOST: Southside
1st Jacksonville       1st Odenville                       
      vs 9:00am ----------> 1st                vs 9:00am  ---------->1st         
4th  Hokes Bluff       4th  Glencoe      
                                             VS                                                                      VS                                    
2nd Southside       2nd Piedmont      
     vs   10:30----------> 3rd                vs 10:30  ----------> 2nd        
3rd   Cherokee County       3rd Ashville
Black Division            B  Silver Division

2nd Pleasant Valley       1st Odenville      
      vs 12:00 pm ----------> 1st               vs 12:00pm  -------->1st              
3rd Hokes Bluff       4th   Rainbow City      
                                                   VS                                                              VS                 
1st Ragland       2nd  SouthSide      
       vs 1:30pm   ----------> 3rd                  vs 1:30pm  ----------> 2nd              
3rd   Ashville       3rd  Jacksonville


Black Division           A

 Silver Division

1st   Cherokee County       1st  Southside      
      vs 3:00pm  ----------> 1st                         vs  3:00pm  ----------> 1st                   
4th  Hokes Bluff       4th  Pleasant Valley      
                                                     VS                                                                    VS                 
2nd Jacksonville       2nd Ashville      
       vs 5:00pm ----------> 3rd                        vs 5:00pm  ---------->2nd                 
3rd Piedmont      

3rd  Rainbow City


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The AYFL is dedicated to creating a safe and sportsmanlike environment that will teach young players the skills needed to play football while also mentoring, teaching them teamwork and valuable skills that will benefit them becoming productive adult citizens of their community.

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